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The best online brands have top quality promotional materials, superb S.E.O, good standing, ongoing high interest levels from patrons, and high standard allocation and sales methodologies. The best online brands advertise themselves perfectly and support their marketing with excellent service and sufficient information content. Remember to believe in your product, consider your market, and practice the best method. I speak and work to promote authors online and almost all of them feel that their needs are not supported by their publishers. As someone who has worked in-house, I know how hard everyone works and how passionate they are about their books. So I wonder why there is this disconnected?


Successful online branding is not a minor accomplishment. It needs basic marketing elements, outstanding product positioning, excellent copy, good S.E.O standards, brand establishment, and effective online branding. The mastery of the mechanics of online branding is a necessary part of the marketing process. In order for you to achieve successful online branding you must know the basics. The online market is the biggest and also the toughest in the planet. I believe there are three steps for developing a successful online brand. With my clients I use the following formula: Design + Engagement + Visibility = Success.


1. First step in the process is Design: Studies show that we judge a person in 1/10 of a second. I don’t think our visual branding is any different. A good website can make or break an author’s career. The design of the website, social media assets, graphics, newsletters and video (if possible) is all crucial today. All of these assets require some resources and skills. Some authors have them, but most need advice from professions. Maybe publishers can work with authors right after the contract is signed. I know many authors would benefit from publisher support in this area. With a strong author brand, publishers would sell more books too, so it’s a win win.


2. Second step is Engagement: which means creating a relationship with readers through blogs, social media, mailing lists and comments. This area takes a little bit of training, but then the authors can do it on their own. Many of my clients, who were hesitant in the beginning, come to really enjoy this interaction with their readers. They tell me writing is a lonely endeavor so the engagement with readers is very gratifying. Authors should know it takes a long time to build a following. The sooner they can start the better off they will be. Most of my clients say they feel the efforts pay off 18 months to 2 years later.


3. Third step is creating Visibility : which is publicity, marketing, distribution, events, etc. We all spend a lot of time and money on visibility, then until step 1 and 2 are in place, the visibility fast fizzles. Authors should also know that they need to have their visibility plans in place 6 months before the publication of their book. Many authors call me 2-3 weeks before the book’s publication date, wanting to start an online publicity campaign. That is not a tragedy as we can still deliver a successful campaign but not in time for the publication date which can be a missed opportunity.


Promotion: Two of every three products fail when being marketed online. Give your product every chance to be successful by promoting it to the correct audience and inserting it into the right places on the web so it can be seen at every possible opportunity.


S.E.O. STANDARDS: In order for your product to be found, it must have effective SEO standards. When someone uses their search engine, it must come up in the top 5 or 10 or most people won’t even bother to check it. Make sure your product has enough keywords to be found quickly and efficiently.


Customized Branding Solutions

As far as online branding is concerned there is no ‘fits-for-all’ kind of solutions or ‘boilerplate’ solutions. It takes an expert to understand your industry, your market, the competition level in your niche and create customized online branding solution that meets your requirements and your market scenario.

Mudrak Infotech while putting together your online branding solution makes sure that you get the maximum ROI possible and lasting results. We will help your brand enjoy sustainable top ranking and not just create a bubble that bursts within no time. As your trusted online branding partner our company will always act keeping your brand’s best interests in mind. When you entrust your online branding requirements to Mudrak Infotech be rest assured that you are in the safest hands in the industry. We will treat your brand like our own and will promote it online with great vigor and commitment. You will certainly get excellent value for your money when you choose our online branding solutions. While we bring you very competitively priced online branding solutions we make sure that we produce the promised results. Mudrak Infotech offers highly result oriented online branding solutions and for which our customers love our services. Contact us today with all your online branding needs, we will provide you with the most satisfactory solutions regardless of your niche or the competition level that prevails in your industry.