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Important Qualities of a Good Salesman | Salesmanship

March 15, 2017
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Essential qualities of an effective salesman are: (1) personality (2) cheerful disposition (3) mental ingredients (4) courtesy (5) patience and perseverance and (6) complete knowledge about the self, product, company and the customer!

The success of a business undertaking largely depends upon the efficiency of its salesman. In the modern age of cut throat competition, a person possessing desired qualities can prove to be a successful salesman.


(1) Personality:

A good salesman should possess a good personality. What fragrance is to a flower is personality to an individual. It is the ability to impress others. A charming personality always creates a good impression. He should possess good health, attractive appearance and impressive voice. He should not suffer from physical handicaps like stammering and limping etc.
(2) Cheerful Disposition:

He should have a smiling face. It is rightly said that ‘a man without a smiling face must not open a shop. In order to impress upon the customers he should always be cheerful and sweet tempered. He should be properly dressed as the dress greatly enhances the personality.
(3) Mental Ingredients:

An individual cannot be a successful salesman unless he possesses certain mental qualities like imagination, sound judgment, presence of mind, foresightedness, initiative and strong memory. These qualities are of great help to a salesman in dealing with customers having different nature and temperament. He can successfully tackle the customers. The mental qualities are very helpful in creating permanent customers for the product.
(4) Courtesy:

A salesman should always be polite and courteous towards his customers. It costs nothing but wins permanent customers for the product. He should help the customers in making the right choice or in selecting the products. This will definitely help in winning over the confidence of the customers.
(5) Patience and Perseverance:

A salesman comes across different type of customers. Some of them purchase nothing but waste time by asking irrelevant questions about the products. Under such circumstances, he should not loose temper but give patient hearing to the customers.

He should not get tired with his customers soon. He should try time and again to convince the customers. Customer is supreme for him and he should not leave any stone unturned to give full satisfaction to the customers.
(6) Complete Knowledge About The Self, Product, Company And The Customer:

A salesman should clearly know about himself. He should try to find out his limitations and make constant efforts to overcome them. At the same time, he should know his strong points. While dealing with the customers he should exhibit his plus points and avoid displaying the weaknesses. He can remove his weaknesses by undergoing proper training. There is no denying the fact that salesmen are made and not born.

He should possess the full knowledge about the product so that he may properly answer the questions of the customers at the time of sale. The buyer depends to a great extent on the salesman especially in case of a new product.

He should know about the design, colour, contents, materials used, labour employed and production technique etc. He should be conversant with the distribution channels employed to sell the product.

A successful salesman must know every detail about the history of the concern, its achievements, standing etc… He should also clearly know about the sales organisation and distribution policies adopted by the undertaking. All this information will be of great help to the salesman in initiating his selling effort.

He should also have full knowledge about the customer. The success of a salesman lies in creating permanent customer for the product. He should try to understand the nature, buying habits and motives of the customers.

He should properly assess the requirements of the customers and should be capable of tackling the customers having different nature. He should show decent behaviour to the customers.

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