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How to Promote your Business on Facebook

August 10, 2018
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How to Promote your Business on Facebook– the social media giant, is no more another social platform these days. It’s a whole new world of marketing. Millions of businesses covet for their share of space on Facebook. To lead in this cut-throat chase for space, your marketing tactics should be well planned and it’s required that you understand the platform properly so that you can ensure the success of your Facebook page.

Here are ten tried and tested tips to make your struggle with Facebook marketing a bit easier:

Ask yourself these questions:

    • Why you need facebook? Facebook is not helpful for every business. For an example, a company selling organic food or manure to poor village farmers will not find any target customer on Facebook. Identify where your target customer is and focus on the platform that will help you find your potential customer.

    • What are your goals? Some already established brands and their pages are also on facebook. They don’t need marketing. They’re already popular. And some businesses are actually doing well in their target market but are not so popular on social media. So, you need to properly figure out why you need facebook. To generate sales, to create brand awareness, to generate traffic to your website or you merely want to educate people about your line of business or products.

  • Who is your target customer? The more you know about your target customer, the more you would be able to convey your message properly. Have a clear idea about your potential customers.

Use the space provided to you wisely. A very common and popular saying, the first impression is the last impression. Facebook picture, cover images and ‘about us’ sections are actually the face of your company on social media. They represent and convey what you are. Make sure to use proper dimensions of cover images and pictures and do write ‘about us’ section within defined character limit so that it is completely visible in your profile. (Not cut off and included in ‘See more’.)
Facebook cover dimensions: 851*315 pixels and may not include 20% text.Profile Image dimensions: 180*180 pixels.

Your cover image should speak about you. Your cover image is the first thing a user notices. It should speak about you and your business. Writing too much text on a cover will also make it complex. Try to use images which simply portray what you are and what your page is about.

Post Regularly.
Most common and important tip, post frequently. Honestly, there’re no set rules about posting frequency. You can try it yourself based on your audience and can see results. But usually, you should post regularly, at least one post a day. It keeps you alive on Facebook and your fans remain in constant touch with you. Mark your permanent space on their timeline 🙂

Respond to all comments and messages.
Most of the brands avoid relying on pages. Some of them even disable the settings for people to post on their images. Never do that! Respond to all comments and messages. Try to solve the query of customers. Their bad comment or message will not make any negative impact, in fact, your calm, composed and helping reply to it will definitely do everything positive for your business.

Use features of Facebook properly.
With time, Facebook has developed a lot. Now there are various features which can be explored for your business growth. For example, you can pin one of your favorite and most important post on top. With this, your important post will be the first to be seen on your timeline and will not get lost with time. Try to explore more of FB features and identify which ones will work best for you.

T ake an in-depth understanding of the platform.
You can only brainstorm ideas about marketing your product on a platform only when you know it in and out. Not all posts are visible to your followers. Hardly 16% of your fans are able to see you on their timeline. This is how Facebook implements its algorithm, which I explained in my previous blog regarding tips and tricks to increase your FB likes genuinely. Try to post quality content which will help you reach your fans. Keep an eye on insights to know how your followers use your page and what works best for you.

Invest in your page.
Facebook ads can do wonders for your business, there’s no doubt about it. Include Facebook ads in your budget and run paid campaigns for your products and services. You can make ads for your offers, new products or anything which might be worth your money spent on ads. Make sure to follow the 20-80 rule of Facebook, i.e. 20% text and 80% image. Facebook does not accept ad images which contain more than 20% text. You can check here whether your ad image fits into this criteria or not.

Cross Promote.
You can get the free audience and new fan following by cross-posting in relevant groups. Like this, you would be able to increase your page visibility and new people who were unaware of you might like your post and become your follower.

Provide quality:
All your marketing tricks would be wasted if the content and quality of your posts are bad. You should talk about the recent happenings and hot topics that are live on news but you should also provide a balanced mix of content related to your products and services as well. At the end of the day, we all want business!

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